Jalapeno poppers with Rum & BBQ Sauce

This recipe is a great starter or snack, lots of flavour and does about 8 -12 Jalapeños poppers. You can do this with a smoker, the oven or air fryer 


8 -12 large Jalapeños

Cream Cheese

Little Brixton Jerk Rub

Little Brixton Rum and BBQ Sauce 

Cheddar Cheese Slices 

Streaky Bacon

Tooth Pick



1. Wash the Jalapeños and then cut them in half

2. Scrape out the inside with a spoon to get rid of the seeds. 


3. Put enough cream cheese in a bowl to fill the Jalapeños and season to taste with Little Brixton Jerk Rub 

Seasoned Cream Cheese

4. Add the cream cheese to the Jalapeños and add a slice of cheese on top.

Poppers with cheese

5. Wrap with Bacon and and coat with Rum and BBQ Sauce

Ready to cook poppers

6. Cook in the in the air fryer at 120C for 12 minutes.

7. Voila! The poppers ready to eat! Super tasty and addictive!

Jalapeno poppers with rum and bbq sauce