About Us



"I believe you can make great food easily given the right ingredients."

Hi I am Richard, the creator of Little Brixton.  I have worked hard to make Little Brixton the best place to buy Jamaican Jerk marinades, sauces and seasonings. Good Food, Good People and Good Times are at the heart of everything we do.

Little Brixton is connected to my family and their Jamaican heritage and the parties we used to have when I was growing up. where life was all about fun, love, laughter and good food!


Good Vibes

I moved to Melbourne in 2012 from London and quickly realised there was nowhere I could buy my beloved Jerk marinade so I set about the task of making my own marinade and recreating those good vibes!  In that summer Little Brixton Jerk marinade was born. 

It wasn't long before the demand grew and I was bottling up and selling at local markets and stocking it at local shops. 


Since then the Little Brixton family has grown to include

Each marinade or sauce has a story, which is connected to a place where my parents met in Brixton, South London. From Hayter Road to Coldharbour Lane there is a reason each product came into being. The landmarks are real and the stories are based at a time where the West Indian community was establishing itself in Brixton.

I believe in keeping the flavours as authentic as possible.  My recipes are based on the memories I have of Jamaican food both in my time in Jamaica and in South London.  Jamaican food, cooked the right way, is in my opinion, the tastiest food in the world! 

"You are sure to fall in love with Jamaican food as much as me!

So, if you want to bring a little bit of Jamaican heritage and culture to your home,  and create delicious meals easily, you are in the right place.  For those that have been wishing I would just cook the food and come to them!  Your wish is granted!  Check out our Little Brixton Food Truck for more information.