About Us

At Little Brixton, we believe great food is easily made with the right ingredients.  I'm Richard, the creator behind Little Brixton.  My journey began with a passion to bring the besy Jamaican Jerk marinades and sauces and seasonings to your table.  Our core values are simple;

Good Food, Good People, and Good Times.

Little Brixton is a tribute to my family's Jamaican heritage and the lively gatherings of my childhood.  Growing up, our parties were filled with fun, love, laughter, and, of course, delicious food.

In 2012, I moved from London to Melbourne and quickly realised I couldn't find my beloved Jerk marinade anywhere.  Determined to recreate those cherished flavours and vides, I started making my own.  That summer, Little Brixton Jerk Marinade was born.

The demand grew rapidly, and soon I was bottling and selling at local markets and shops.  Each of our products tells a story, connected to the places where my parents met in Brixton, South London.  From Hayter Road to Coldharbour Lane, every marinde and sauce has its roots in real landmarks and the vibrant history of the West Indian community in Brixton.

Our mission is to keep the flavours as authentic as possible.  My recipes are inspired by my memories of Jamaican food, both from my time in Jamaican and South London.  I believe Jamaican food, when prepared correctly, is the tastiest in the world!

Join us in celebrating the rich flavours and joyful spirit of Jamaican cuisine with Little Brixton.