Jerk Chicken Pizza Recipe | Little Brixton

Jerk Chicken Pizza Made Easy! 

Elevate your pizza night with a flavourful twist! Learn how to make a mouthwatering Jerk Chicken Pizza using @littlebrixton's Jerk Marinade and Little Brixton's sweet sticky Rum BBQ Sauce. This recipe is perfect for a spicy, savoury pizza night that will leave your taste buds craving more! 

What You'll Need:
- Pizza base
- Chicken thighs
- @littlebrixton Jerk Marinade
- @littlebrixton Rum BBQ Sauce
- Grated cheese (cheddar and Parmesan recommended)
- Charred capsicum
- Charred red onions
- Spring onions

Steps to Make Jerk Chicken Pizza:
1. **Marinate the Chicken:** Start by marinating the chicken thighs in Little Brixton’s Jerk Marinade for at least an hour to ensure the flavours infuse deeply.
2. **Fry the Chicken:** Fry the marinated chicken until it’s browned on both sides for that perfect sear.
3. **Bake the Chicken:** Cover and bake in the oven until the chicken is fully cooked. Shred the chicken and mix in some of the cooking juices for added flavor.
4. **Prepare the Pizza Base:** Spread a generous layer of Little Brixton Rum BBQ Sauce on your pizza base.
5. **Add Toppings:** Sprinkle a layer of grated cheese, add the shredded jerk chicken, charred capsicum, and red onions. Top it off with more cheese for a gooey finish.
6. **Bake the Pizza:** Bake in a preheated oven at 220°C for 10-12 minutes until the crust is golden and the cheese is bubbly and melted.
7. **Garnish:** Finish with a drizzle of Rum BBQ Sauce and a sprinkle of spring onions for that extra burst of flavour.

Enjoy Your Jerk Chicken Pizza:
Dig into your homemade Jerk Chicken Pizza and enjoy the explosion of flavours! Remember to tag us in your delicious creations with #JerkChickenPizza #LittleBrixton #PizzaNight.

Watch the Full Video:
Check out our step-by-step video on how to make this incredible Jerk Chicken Pizza and give it a try! 


By following these steps, you'll create an irresistible Jerk Chicken Pizza that’s perfect for any occasion. Enjoy your pizza night with Little Brixton's unique flavours!