Jerk Mushroom Burger

This one is great for any vegetarians but also just great in general! Lots of flavour from this mushroom burger. This is a recipe we use on our food truck and it absolutely flies out the door!!! 

This Jerk Mushroom Burger has the heat of the Jerk and but melowed out with the jerk mustard slaw


4 - 6 Large flat nushrooms large 

Little Brixton Jerk Rub 

Little Brixton Jerk Marinade (mild) or Hot 

Little Brixton Jerk Mustard

Cheddar Cheese Slices (optional)

Plain Flour 

Butter Milk 



Milk or Brioche Buns 

Oil for frying 



1. Cover each mushroom in the marinade of your choice, at the same time make sure you are getting the oil up to tempreture, make sure you have enough oil to fry to cover at least half the mushroom

2. Create a simple coating using plain flour and a table spoon of the Jerk Rub

3. Dip the mushroom in the butter milk and cover in the coating

4. Straight into the hot oil for frying for 5-7 mins or until the the coating is golden brown. 

5. For your coleslaw you can create your own using carrots, red and white cabbage with some parsley or buy ready made, just add mayonaise. 

6. Now to pull all together add a teaspoon of Jerk Mustard inside the burger bun and spread around

7. Add the Coleslaw and Jerk Mushroom.

8. To finish, add some cheese and some more Jerk Mustard to the underside of the bun. 

9. Boom! You are done... Enjoy!!!