Air fryer wings

This air fryer chicken recipe gives you that crunch alongside finger licking Little Brixton sauce. So simple if you want you can knock this out in 20 minutes.  

Rum & BBQ air fryer chicken


Chicken nibbles or wings

All purpose flour

Jerk Mustard or Rum & BBQ Sauce

Jerk Seasoning Rub  or an alternate no heat seasoning ( a tsp of garlic powder, ginger powder, black pepper, salt, all purpose seasoning and allspice)



1. Clean chicken, and season with Little Brixton Jerk Seasoning or our no heat rub (recipe above)

2. marinade for at least four hours to allow the flavours to sink in 


3. coat in all-purpose flour and add your chicken to the air fryer leaving a little space between each wing 

4. set air fryer to 195 degrees C for 17 minutes 

5. turn any wings that have a bit of four residue on and cook for a further 3 mins at 195 degrees C.

Cooked air fryer chicken

6. take out and find a bowl to toss either Rum & BBQ Sauce or Jerk Mustard 


Now your good to go with tasty and addictive chicken wings... 

Serve with fries and a beer! Cheers!!! '


Little Brixton