Rum & BBQ Burnt Ends

Rum and BBQ Burnt ends can be done on the BBQ or in the oven. Burnt ends are synonymous in the bbq scene and they are so finger licking tasty and moorish, it is easy to see why they are so popular. We make it super easy to add flavour with our Rum and BBQ Sauce!

For Burnt ends you can use belly or shoulder, but the cooking technique pretty much applies to both. 



Pork Should or Pork Belly 

Rum & BBQ Sauce 

Apple cider vinegar 


Apple or Pimento wood if done on the bbq 

Aluminium Pan

Apple juice 


Chop up the pork shoulder or pork belly into roughly 1 inch cubes  

Season with some salt and pepper before marinading in some Rum and BBQ sauce and leave to marinade for at least 4 hours 

Set up the bbq to smoke 250F or the oven between 250F and 270F

On the bbq fill the aluminium pan with apple juice to keep moisture in the mean and make sure the pan is just below the meat on the grill. 

Place the meat in the oven or on the grill

Fill a spray bottle with water for an Apple Cider Vinegar for spritzing. Whether in the oven or bbq i tend to spritz the meat every 30 - 45 mins. 

once the meat reaches a temperature of about 140F I baste with more Rum and BBQ Sauce. 

Cook until the meat reaches an internal temp of 190F

Voila! Perfect Pork burnt ends!!!