Rum BBQ Slow Cooked Beef

Enjoy this slow cooked beef recipe for with a smokey Caribbean twist. Cook for 7 hours in our Little Brixton Rum BBQ sauce and then enjoy this melt in your mouth beef served alongside your favourite roast vegetables!

Serves 6
Beef Shoulder
Little Brixton Rum BBQ Sauce
2 Onions
Carrots and Potatoes (or any roast vegetable you prefer)

1. Add beef shoulder to your slow cooker along with 2 cups of water, 2 onions quartered, and two thirds of your jar of Little Brixton Rum BBQ sauce.
2. Slow cook for 7 hours
3. With one hour to go, cut and roast your favourite vegetables
4. Cut or pull apart your beef and drizzle with remaining Rum BBQ Sauce
5. Serve with your vegetables