• Jalapeno poppers with Rum & BBQ Sauce

    A tasty snack or starter that can be done on the bbq, air fyer or oven... Jalapeno poppers are a great way to impress and create a tasty dish in 20 minutes. start to finish!!!
  • Rum & BBQ Burnt Ends

    Rum and BBQ Burnt ends can be done on the BBQ or in the oven. Burnt ends are synonymous in the bbq scene and they are so finger licking tasty and moorish, it is easy to see why they are so popular. Burnt Ends are now really easy with our Rum and BBQ Sauce!
  • Prosciutto and Rocket Pizza with Rum & BBQ Sauce

    Enjoy this simple, tasty and moorish pizza using our Rum and BBQ Sauce...
  • Little Brixton Sticky Rum and BBQ Ribs

    Sticky Rum and BBQ Pork ribs... It couldn't be any simpler to make ribs that make everyone lick their fingers and coming back for more!
  • Rum BBQ Smash Pattie Beef Burger

    Try this combination of the much loved traditional cheese burger given a new lease on life with our mix of Little Brixton Jerk Mustard and Rum BBQ sauce.